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It is nice if people can see pictures as originals. The home looks great if you have the appropriate originals - but there are also exhibitions. A nice opportunity to look at real images up-close and, for example, to follow the color work and brushstrokes in color images. And because the reality is not digital but real, I occasionally show my work in exhibitions. Below is shown where.

On Sunday, May 20 /2018, starts my exhibition "Gott in Dosen" (God in tin cans) in the Sigtunastiftelsen, Sigtuna, Schweden. Vernissage takes place from 1:00 PM.

The light in the North is different. The long dusk and twilight in Stockholm have always fascinated me. It was reason enough to start a series of pictures in Scandinavia's nightly metropole ...

Vernissage: May 07, 2016, Galeria Mercado Merced, Málaga, Spain.

Group Exhibition "Künstler für TORUS" - opening April 15, 2016, 19:00h, Rathaus Siegburg.

Exhibition "Paisajes Urbanos Del Norte" - opening on October 30, 2015, 8:00h PM in Malaga, Spain.

Exhibition opening October 30, 2015 at 19:00 at Café Augentrost, Cologne, West Cemetery. The Café Augentrost is a beautiful location where the picture series "Gott in Dosen" fits perfectly. The café is located in the former mourning hall of the Cologne West cemetery and was designed by its current owners

Exhibition opening 3 October 2014 19:00 at Hotel Artgenossen, Lindlar. The hotel regularly organizes art exhibitions in the café/restaurant. The pictures from Dan Hummel’s series "Gott in Dosen" until the end of November showing small Greek street churches fit perfectly in the atmosphere.

Need a snack?

February 2, 2014

As a sequel to the popular Drama-Grill-Motive, I am currently working on a series of images with the working title "URBAN SNACK". Takeaway-shacks and their surroundings are a world by itself, in which the fascination lies somewhere between domestic comfort and backyards, between communication and ketchup. I have started the implementation using analogue black and white material...

Im Juli 2013 sind ausgewählte Arbeiten von Dan Hummel in einer Fensterausstellung bei Franta Objekte in Köln, Maastrichter Strasse 18 (Belgisches Viertel), Köln zu sehen.

The exhibition "Gott in Dosen" (God in tin cans) in Galerie Frei in Cologne received big attention and was well visited. The small, limited "Tin Can Edition" with content found many friends and the gallery found new fans.


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